Work Now, for Trophy Whitetail Mounts Next Season

Deer seasons are wrapping up, and now we all go through withdrawal. Some of us wake up hours before the sun does and wish we were piling on warm clothes and headed for our favorite spot only to roll over in bed and watch the clock for a couple more hours. Some begin the endless

Do the Sun and Moon Affect Animal Movement Patterns?

For years, hunters and fisherman have tried to get an edge in wildlife harvesting by observing movement patterns.  There are as many theories as to what causes wild animals to behave the way they do.  Weather, daylight, temperature, moon phase and other factors all influence each sportsman’s ideas of what will give them the best

  • Moose Skull Mount

Why a European Skull Mount?

A European style mount or skull mount is a great way to display and remember a successful hunt. There are many options for this type of mount which include nature scenes, wall mount plaques, desk or shelf mount plaques, or simply displaying a skull by itself. No matter how you choose to have your skull

Planning your Next Hunting Trophy!

Summer is in mid-stream, and it’s time to think about your hunting plans for this fall. With only a month until many bear seasons open up, and a few more months before archery hunting starts in most areas, the time to prepare is now. To prepare, many hunters set up cameras, scout, hang tree stands,