Wholesale Skull Cleaning…Why Dermestid Beetles are the only choice

Taxidermists all over the country are in a constant battle with time.  During hunting seasons, trophies come in the door every day and need to be prepped and preserved prior to decay.  During these seasons, it is difficult to deal with the handful of customers who want to have skulls processed and mounted as a

Antlers vs. Horns (Part 2): Why Does it Matter?

Whether you are having your trophy shoulder mounted with the hide, or a skull mount, there are questions about the process that you should ask your taxidermist or processor. Taxidermy Preservation Issues: When you bring antlered game to your taxidermist, preservation is not an issue. Most of the time the taxidermist removes all tissue surrounding

Antlers vs. Horns (Part 1): What’s the difference?

“Look at the horns on that Whitetail.” “I have a great set of Elk horns.” “I’d love to have a set of antlers like the ones on that Kudu.” These are common phrases that we have all heard, and have probably been guilty of using from time to time. While common, these statements are all

Dermestid Beetles for a Skull Mount: Gross, or Perfect?

In our years in the skull mount business, I still laugh when people walk into the shop and cringe from the smell. Even the most hardened hunter who has field dressed many animals, winces a little bit the first time they catch the aroma of Dermestid beetles at work when they show up to drop

  • Moose Skull Mount

Why a European Skull Mount?

A European style mount or skull mount is a great way to display and remember a successful hunt. There are many options for this type of mount which include nature scenes, wall mount plaques, desk or shelf mount plaques, or simply displaying a skull by itself. No matter how you choose to have your skull