What we offer

All of Bare Bones Mounts European mounts are “beetled” using Dermestid beetles to remove the flesh from the bone, before being finished with an extensive degreasing and whitening process. Cleaned bones are saturated with a museum-grade preservative (Polyvinyl Butyral), which seals and protects the bones, leaving a clean matte finish.

We are dedicated to building relationships with all customers. Whether you are a hunter, taxidermist, guide, game farmer, artists, or museum, we are proud to offer the same top-quality cleaning and processing. Whether you have the smallest muskrat skull, or the largest Boone & Crockett moose, we want your trophy skull to be processed and finished exactly the way you want it. We would love to work with you to find just the right plaque and finish to create a mount that you can be proud to show off for years to come.

Retail Services

European Skull Cleaning & Processing:

Prices include cleaning with Dermestid beetles, degreasing, whitening, and sealing. Plaque mounting is available at an additional cost.

Skul Type Price
Alligator $350
Bear $200
Beaver $140
Bison/Cow $500
Bobcat $140
Coyote $140
Deer w/ Antlers* $230
Deer no Antlers* $150
Elk $550
Fisher $100
Fox $100
Javelina/Wild boar/Warthog $375
Moose $750
Raccoon $100
Rabbit $100
Turkey $100
Ram/Sheep w horns $375
Mink/Marten/Weasel $90
Otter $100

*Additional Charge of $20 for lower jaw

Mounting Services

Many shapes and materials are available, as well as custom-built plaques, such as state shapes, etc.)
Mount to Standard Plaque (up to deer sized mount): $90
Mount Plaque for moose: $180
Mount to Special Order or Custom Plaque: Call

Other Services

We offer many different options for producing exactly the trophy mount you desire, including camo dips, metalized skulls, and other specialty services. Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in one of these more exotic options.

Additional Charges and Fees

All skulls must be maggot free! Maggots pose a huge threat to beetle colonies. Any skulls with maggots will be charged a $100 removal charge. All skulls & heads should be frozen for a minimum of 3 days prior to dropping off at our facility. Any heads not frozen for the minimum time will be charged a $25 Freezing fee.

Wholesale Services

Taxidermists! Make more money, while spending your time on the art of taxidermy, instead of skull-cleaning! We can help you promote European skull mounts in addition to your artistic work, completing all parts of the process from trimming to mounting on your behalf. From Boone & Crockett moose and elk, to small animals and birds, we can do it all!

Other Wholesale Services

  • Dermestid Beetle Cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Whitening
  • Mounting
  • Custom Plaques
  • Email Updates
  • Taxidermy Referrals
  • Web Links to Your Site
  • Volume and Partial Processing Discounts Available

Referral Program

At Bare Bones Mounts, we are devoted to building a relationship and a solid reputation throughout the taxidermy and game harvesting industry. For customers who do not take advantage of our skull cleaning service, we offer a referral bonus program. Taxidermists, guides, butchers, or game farms who send customers to us will receive discounts or referral bonuses for every customer they send. Call us today at (207) 299-5432 to discuss how we can work together to grow your business!


At Bare Bones Mounts, your trophy skull mount or animal skeleton is all that matters.

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