At Bare Bones Mounts, we are pleased to offer trophy European Skull Mounts cleaned using Dermestid beetles. Unlike boiling or bleaching, this process for skull cleaning remove every last piece of flesh from your trophy, leaving even the most intricate bones of the skull completely intact. Our unique process doesn’t degrade bone structure of shrink the overall size of the skull, and maintains the natural strength of the bone to ensure your skull mount will last a lifetime.

Some of our customers and friends have expressed curiosity about our process, so we wanted to share the following videos for anyone interested in learning more about our business or Dermestid beetle cleaning. Please note that due to the nature of our work, some of the content in these videos may not be suitable for all audiences.

Maine Media Workshops and College filmed this short piece on Bare Bones Inc. The video shows what we do, and a bit about the business and process of creating quality European Skull Mounts. 

Our Dermestid beetles hard at work cleaning a deer skull.

The removal of the brain from the skull of a whitetail deer using a high-pressure water spray.

Cleaning a deer skull to remove excess flesh and get it ready for the beetle tank.